What You Need To Know

Let's hit you with the facts. 40% of men will experience noticeable hair loss by the age of 35 and male pattern baldness will affect over half of men in their lifetime.

Enter Hairburst for Men. We offer effective haircare, backed by science through the lens of a desirable and open male culture.

Following our sister brand, Hairburst, we too are a results-driven haircare & cosmetics brand with one thing at our core - hair growth.

Our new and evolving range helps men tackle and treat the effects of thinning hair, vitamin deficiencies, hormones & stress with products that perform.

Combing both oral supplements and active topical styling products, we keep hair in the growth phase for longer, creating a healthy scalp environment to encourage thicker, stronger looking hair.

'83% said'

"my hairs look like it has more volume, once dry, after using this product"

'95% said'

"I have no visible dandruff after using this product"

'90% said'

"my hair looks thicker, once dry after using this product"

Only The Good Stuff

Absolutely no nasties

SLS & Paraben free

Cruelty Free

Premium and Naturally Derived Ingredients

Made in the UK